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Picture and Meditation Words


This is I in I "Babylon Box Room" which I earthly mother give to dwell in for this present time here. But I N I have to take heed say "INI real home is in Ithiopia, Haile Selassie I Kingdom, Mount Zion awaits all of INI. No matter what race color or creed. Selassie I is non-partial yuh sight. Anybody seeking righteousness and peace and justice and equal rights and liberty,  and truth, and the Most High will definitely find it in the Most High God King Rastafari Haile Selassie I the first. INI INCIENT PARENTS WHO LIVED THE NATURAL LIVETY AND WHO DEFEND THE NYAHBINGHI ORDER GET NUFF RASPECT AND LOVE. INI JUST PRAY THAT ONE DAY INI THE BABE AND SUCKLING OF THIS PRESENT INERATION LEARN AND CORRECT THE MISTAKES OF THE WISE AND PRUDENT. FOR WHAT HAS NOT BEEN REVEALED TO THE WISE AND PRUDENT SHALL BE REVEALED UNTO THE BABE AND SUCKLING.........selahseei


[[Rastafari Live]] 

I took this picture about 2 years for the most, I cant really imember. But the picture is heights.. .....I was 16.