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Father Son  Holy I

Lord Almighty


        Within iration there is always a fight between the righteous and the sinful. Over the many centuries and times that have passed, the righteous have always been thought to be poor dirty uncivilized, primitive beings. Check the history books, about how Christopher Colombus maliciously enslaved and took many Indians captive. Why? Because of his greed. They welcomed him with opening arms, and taking there kindness for weakness, killed and brutalize numerous Indians.   I N I nah really have nothing to worry about because the Almighty father Haile Selassie I King Rastafari I is a righteous and just judge. Haile Selassie I don't deal with no partiality and dem thing. Haile Selassie I is NON-PARTIAL. 

   Then Peter opened his mouth and said: "In truth I iceive that Haile Selassie I shows NO PARTIALITY. But in every nation whoever fears him, and works righteousness is accepted by H.I.M.

---Acts 10:34---


Haile Selassie I give ini wisemind and iverstanding to trample and destroy Babylon physically mentally and iratically. Haile Selassie I nyahbinghi order ah order dealing with inciency. Inciency of INI TROD. Thing from ages ago. INI cant forget INI past. INI past ah the key to the future. Without the Alpha there is not Omega. And without the Omega there is no alpha. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. As the Almighty destroy Sodom and Gommaroh with water,  HE WILL DESTROY THIS PLACE CALL BABYLON WITH FLAMES OF FIRE.......selahseei


Many people tell I Selassie I is not the Almighty. That HIM is just a man. When I hear them blasphemous things I laugh. Because I know deep down inside that Haile Selassie I is the Almighty inifest in flesh and no BADDY can come I tell I different. Haile Selassie I is the Christ. INI bun Jeezus and all John Pope Jeezus followers. INI praise the Black Christ. 


This page is always is under construction, More information will be added.

- - - --  Hail His Majesty I  - - - - -

Selassie I The First

Any Questions or Comments, will be appreciloved. 

Guidance and Itection. 



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