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Calender of I-vents


January 7th

Ethiopian Christmas

        - according to Ethiopian history, this is the birth of yesos  christos.  it is an acknowledgement of his life and works as the son of the almighty.

July 16th

Ethiopian Constitution Day

        - commemorates the granting of ethiopia's first constitution in 191 by his impperial majesty haile selassie i

July 23rd 1892!!!!!

Earthstrong Of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I The First

    - one of the most revered day for ini rastafari. a full day's celebration of the birth and manifestation of ini king. nyahbinghi order commemorates special ises to be held on this day, to give yanks and ises unto ini king.


November 2nd, 1930 (Coronation)

        -crowning of haile selassie i and empress menen