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Education an Investment

Education is costly, and higher education is the most costly of all. It is also an investment, a very profitable investment, and the money spent in coordinating, strengthening, and expanding higher education in Ithiopia is well invested. InI are proud of InI people's recognition of the value of education. Their concerted effort in the building of schools and other social activities is most gratifying. Educational institutions, unlike business enterprises, do not exist and operate for profits in dollars and cents. They exist to perform public services, and they are judged by the effectiveness and economy with which they perform these services. To the Board of Governors, to the administrators, InI recommend economy, so that the benefits of the University can be enjoyed by as many of InI young men and women as possible. Not a dollar should be wasted of the money so hardly earned and so generously contributed by InI own Government and by the Governments of other nations. Plan thoughtfully, supervise closely, and manage economically, to the end that the greatest possible return may be realized in the preparation of competent manpower, in useful research and in training both technical and moral leadership. An immediate gain of the consolidation and coordination, the centralization of resources and operations, should be a saving in costs, and InI urge all to co-operate fully in the attempt to realize this objective. 

    Diligence is demanded in developing this University as rapidly as possible to meet the compelling needs of InI Empire. InI would ask that extraordinary emphasis be placed on the training of teachers for InI primary and secondary schools. The educational process cannot be a narrow column; it must be in the shape of a pyramid and broadly based. To provide this broad base, large numbers of teachers are required, and InI have a duty to provide Ithiopian teachers for these schools. This is why InI have established teacher training centers in Harar and other places.