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Empress Amber's Word Sound & Power


Pope Paul VI began the practice of using a Bent Crucifix during his many ceremonies, rather than the traditional Catholic Crucifix depicting a straight cross and full figure of Yesos Christ. This Bent Crucifix was invented in the 6th Century by Satanists as a symobol of the Antichrist. Satanists created this Twisted Cross in 666 A.D. to caricature the Roman Catholic traditional Crucifix, but quickly adopted it as one of their many symbols for Antichrist. Therefore, faithful Catholics have been unknowingly bowing down to this symbol of Antichrist since 1963, when Pope Paul VI began using it for his public ceremonies. So the pertinent question is "Why is the supposedly Most Holy Pope,the
light of the Catholic Church, John Paul II, continuing to use this Bent Crucifix? Why is he holding up before his faithful a symbol of Antichrist"?----- Shockingly, as the Pope is seated during a ceremony at the mount where Yesos supposedly gave His Sermon on the Mount, a stone behind the Pontiff's head depicts a Satanic inverted cross! This has also been one of the main Satanic symbols for Antichrist, even predating the Twisted Crucifix the Pope discussed earlier.