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Coronation  Day

   November 2nd, 1930






November 2nd, 1930 all kingdoms of the earth did send their most trusted representatives to be present in Addis Ababa (new flower) Ethiopia. To bow before the throne of the Kings Over All Kings and to swear their unswerving allegiance to divine kingship of the power of the trinity. 

What is the iniversal importance and impact of the

     Coronation of H.I.M. on that November 1930?   

--Excerpt --Nyahbinghi news Volume 1 no. 1  / nov 98


This worldwide iniversal undisputed acknowledgement of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I Divinity upon his ascendancy to the incient throne of David, establishing the fact in all true reality, that the king of all kings is not a European but an Ithiopian thus casting asunder the life of white supremacy. 

The Lion of Judah has broken every chain, heralding the dawn of a new time, the time of equality, truth and right. H.I.M. Haile Selassie I is our father who are in Zion Ilah is the i name, thy kingdom come thy will be done, in the earth as it is in Zion. Thou art our father who dwell with I & I as a father dwells with his children. 

It must be also mentioned here that this glorious day in the mountain of Zion was not such a happy day for the demonic colonial forces of Europe and the world. For history attest to the reality that Europeans sought to maintain their shameful hegemony over the African people and this blessed continent Afrika. That was the source of their piratable ruling power.

These colonial demons knew that the prophecies stated that Yesos Christos would come forward in the latter days as a thief in the night, Bearing the tiles of king of kings. The Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of Judah, were now being fulfilled before their very eyes. This meant that their was coming to a perpetual end.

The shameful defeat of the Italians at Adowa by the then Emperor Menelik, along with Ras Makonnen was still fresh in their minds. This showed them that they would have to increase their efforts to maintain their death-grip on the falsely divided Afrikan continent Traditionally the kings of the Ethiopian empire were anointed and crowned in the holy mountainous ancient capital of Axum in the presence of the ark of the covenant according to the ancient prescription.

Seated upon mercy seat, between the cherubim's and the seraphim's, the only one found worthy. H.I.M. Haile Selassie I is worthy, as he was proclaimed king of kings months earlier and was consecrated in that fullness. AS the appropriate arrangements were made for the grand coronation in Addis Abeba in November.Representatives from over 72 different nations and governments of the earth were compelled to be there in legendary and mysterious land of Ithiopia, bearing tribute, chanting HIM praises and to bow before the judgment throne of "ABA JAN HOY" and to acknowledge the divine kingship of HIM Haile Selassie I, a man more worthy than their miserable sinful selves, for he is the Lion of Judah and he hath prevailed. 

HIM Haile Selassie I himself defeated all the remaining demons who were occupying the high places upon his establishment of his divinity in creation for he loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwelling places Jacob through this coronation it is revealed that he is the only true ruler of the iniverse through his supreme righteousness he shall rule the nations with a rod of iron. As was evident by this historical assembly of all the peoples of the earth. We see here that it is true that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that HIM is King over ALL.  



Excerpt from My Life and Ithiopia's Progress, Autobiography of Haile Selassie I The First

Coronation as Emperor

On the 17th Maskaram 1909 (=27th September 1916) I was chosen heir to throne and regent, with Queen Zawditu occupying the throne; and when I had patiently carried out the work of government, for fourteen years, in my office of regent plenipotentiary, Queen Zawditu died on 24th Magabit 1922(= 2nd April 1930) and, consequently, on the morrow I was proclaimed Emperor and assumed the throne.

    As regards the succession to throne and crown, we have read in history that, at a time when Ethiopia lived in isolation and before she had established relations wit foreign countries, the prevailing custom had been, at the demise of the Emperor, for his death often to remain carefully unannounced. They would then place his son and heir on the throne and crown him immediately that very day. Only after the son's reign and coronation had been announced by proclamation, would they give a ceremonial burial to the dead King.

    At other times, at the demise of the Emperor, the officers of the royal household would take him clandestinely and bury him, before anyone could hear about it, and on the morrow they would place his son and heir on the throne; after they had conducted the royal installation service and crowned him, the death of the father and the new reign of the son would be announced by proclamation at the same time.

But now that Ithiopia had concluded treaties of commerce and friendship with twelve foreign governments, had entered the League of Nations, and had established firm friendly relations, We were convinced that it was proper - in accordance with the practice of the most civilized governments in the case of their coronations - to invite to Or coronation the countries which had set up legations and consulates in Ithiopia. But as it would require a long time to despatch the letters of invitation and to await their arrival of the delegates, as well as to make all the necessary preparations for hte coronation, WE arranged for the ceremony to be postponed for seven months.

After this, letters of invitation were written adn despatched to the kings and presidents whose names follow here:

To H.M. George V, King of England, Emperor of India.

TO H.M. Victor Emmanuel III. King of Italy

To H.M. Hirohito, Emperor of Japan

TO H.M. Albert II, King of Belgian 

To H.M. Gustaf V, King of Sweden

To H.M. Wilhelmina, Queen of Holland

To H.M. Fuad I, King of Egypt.

To H.E.M. Doumergue, President of the French Republic

To H.E. Mr.Hoover, President of the United States of America.

To H.E. Field Marhshal von Hindenburg, President of the German Republic.

TO H.E. Mustapha Kernel Pasha, President of the Turkish Republic 

To H.E.M. Condouriotes, President of the Greek REpublic.

(My Life and Ethiopia's Progress, Autobiography of Haile Selassie I - Page 171-173)


All Nations Shall Bow And Confess that Haile Selassie I King Rastafari InI First is the Almighty King of Iration.






- - - --  Hail His Majesty I  - - - - -

Selassie I The First

Any Questions or Comments, will be appreciloved. 

Guidance and Itection.